Thursday, April 30, 2009

there is a bird

A short time ago, in fact almost the entire day, I had a relevation. It went something like this : (more of a rant actually)...
I am a little out of the weather. I do not like hot weather and it is sweltering at 44 degrees. The other problem is that the office I work in tends to switch of the airconditioning at 19:00. Regardless of the fact that it is sealed on four sides, and there are people working inside it, the ac is shut out at the stroke of the hour. (you can actually set your watches on it!!).
So here I was, sitting in a sealed cube, terribly pisssed, when I decided to rework something. Its called blogrolling.. to take a popular concept and twist it around a bit, it means to go on blogger and read random blogs by hitting the "next blog" key. In the midst of blogrolling, and having more that half an hour to kill, I have decided to re-revive (yes, yet again) my old blog.
So there is the bird that flies...again.. there are no commitments on how long... but again.. a start is a start...

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