Thursday, May 7, 2009

and carrying on

the revival process..
ok.. i did not promise i will be regular, but i will make an effort. I have realized that a post (however small) at least three times a week should be a good start. So here we go...
Today was a holiday...yess, after a long time, I get to spent some time alone at home. Some work, which btw is still continuing, but home is home and so i started up trudging and toodling from morning... was interrupted a bit to go to all places..boss house, but in the end ...managed some quality time in...
i want to write poetry again..its been a long time since i stopped... so here goes

the soft rustle of leaves, the wind beneath the twigs
the long shadow of the moon, the loving tweet of the nightowl
the pale glow of the streetlamp, the hurried sound of feet going home
remembering the quiet days when visions blinked and flew away
the soft call of the voice, the longing to run
the tinkle of the bell, the warmth of the tear
the sweet taste of honey, the caress of the cloth
the longing to start anew, the longing to see till the end..
the soft message of the river, the harsh bite of the cold
the days of the past, the dreams still left to fulfil
waiting for the end of the dark, embracing the shining glow.............