Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Cha Wallah Chronicles...

The travels down various cities and the many different experiences I have had with cha wallahs and tea stalls.

A small look at this culture of brotherhood where bonds are made and maintained till time immemorial.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Trawling the net .. found this.. as the original label says "wtf"

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Today is the prelude to the long Christmas Vacation. It is really strange that I will be spending it here instead of running out somewhere. Memories of Christmas have always been very hazy for me. We used to start the festivities on Dec 23rd each year and carry them into the new year (Jan 2). The traditional beginning at our favorite watering hole, followed by the music and solo sessions. Christmas was always characterized by the numerous gatherings we attended, followed by revelry in church. There was one eve I remember moving around in the streets of city distributing sweets to the homeless. This was after a classic hazy church visit. Christmas mornings would be early wakes, swollen head and desire to sleep, but usually the hang of project submission would grouch the mood. The intermediate days was a rush culminating in a shooting new year party somewhere and a hazy wake up usually on the street.

All that seems to have changed lately. Now it is all the polite greetings, the merry holidays, and the social smiling. Never are we to have those glory days of revelation and understanding of each other. The time now is of soberity, change and getting old and mature.. slightly boring but what has to be done must be completed.

for some mirth, i have actually remembered what I was doing on new years from the year 2000. they are tagged :

2000 : no idea genuinely. seriously no clue; must have been sane because was starting out those days.
2001: chinatown ???? ; 2002 : sane wake up. (probably)...
2002: again no idea..... must have been pretty zonked this year ; 2003 : project time tha, vague memories.
2003: rum drinking at oly....hogging like a mammoth all night... ; 2004: woke up pretty sane in own bed.
2004: beer running, grass peddling, hostel boundary jumping, tequilla shooting randomness ; 2005: woke on a bed at friend's house with light fused completely.
2005: great rum party at IIM ; 2006 : woke up slightly wonky on some random floor.
2006: crap party, pretty passed out ; 2007: woke up on a park bench in wet fog with no idea how I got there.
2007: no idea..still hazy....

well, to leave a continuing post two years down the line seems a little strange, but the fact that we remembered at all to update the blog is in itself an achievement... to cut a long story short.. we may proceed with the updates..
2007... great house party .. the first in the new house.. the first hosted by us... fabulous food (which i still remember was late) but it was wonderful... the first stocked wet bar... the huge tequilla shots.. the 12 songs of christmas... it was the first riot....
2008 .... non random wake up... two bottles of tequilla.. no bodies :) chased pb down the street with a rolled newspaper for not showing up... single malt breakfast...

2008... the house party redux... rolling round the highways, the taj, lodhi road.. gallons of beer as starters... rolling into the house and getting the party done in one HOur FLAT... o we did it... the redux of the tequilla, the cutting of the hand... the enormous tequilla shots... breaking police barriers in half awake state (without getting caught)... the comeback shots.... riot again.....

2009... wake up .. wake up... the last count.. 135 with the feed in place, the house good as new.... lager lunch at a place long gone.......

2009.... dunno, dunno, so much has changed.. so many embers still burn... so many new paths.... one thing is certain.. there is not going to be a third time.... the posts will remain vacant this year.. inshallah....
we will come back after two years and update this.... hopefully.. as always... as always.... till then cheers ....

2009..... well... o well... first things first.. there was no party in the house. .... it all started with a late lunch at one of the old places.. and then it started... the demise of nemo... the ISIS outbreak... whatever u might call it.... it was something u build up collapses in one hour... hw the entire system implodes on itself in one night... o well.o well... to sum it up, nice garden party at good friends house... lots of whiskey, tequilla and what not...

2010 : came back at four in the morning... went to sleep.. woke up with tears streaming down face... the start of the interdict.... the end of an era....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some Interesting Links


one of the most interesting things to look out for next year will be the 2007 chronicle that is scheduled to be published around early February. Written by me ,(who else.... ), this will be my first serious attempt to finalize the random notes and entries I keep making on tissue papers... will probably be an online attempt with 12-14 chapters, links will be posted as and when development takes place......

haiku poetry- some lost art

Silence--the flower
losing its color gradually
forgets to bloom

overgrown ivy flyover
patterns of grafitti on
fog swept, walls wet

batter of wings
pigeons cooing loud

black tabletop empty
vacant stare

extended time

for the people who might be wondering where i would be after the new year... the answer is that my current location has been extended till Jan end. After which, i am taking at least a fortnight off for vacations....come early March and I will be back in my chair at home base..... surprising thing is that will be almost a year since I would have come there... time flies....

peregrineperch archive

GAG... Pussy Galore once said,,,

"Mr. Bond, Once is Happenstance,
Twice is Coincidence,
Thrice is Enemy action....."

christmas presents

Since many of you will already have guessed, for Christmas..i am redesigning my blog. Some new layout ideas and possible field changes. I will however keep some memorable posts from the previous blogs.

Look out for updates..... some of the posts may be in Yoda Speak...please bear or learn it.....

trivia : time from today till "talk like yoda day" : 21 weeks, 5 days.

this blog will be a tribute to my childhood, the long growing up years ("they are still on..btw...") and all things i feel about.....

till i find some spare time in office...cheerio and keep the comments coming ... they are my inspiration to do something.....